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The Baxter Outdoor collection

The Baxter Outdoor collection emerges from the companies desire to go “outside” the usual boundaries. They’ve literally decided to go outdoors to explore the world of furniture in its entirety. After careful study, the first Baxter Outdoor collection was presented, which integrates 100% of the brand’s style.

The outdoor pieces in the Baxter Outdoor collection range in style from minimalistic to modern, also including the more traditional and rustic pieces. Some current trends also include the use of clean geometric lines, lively colours, and modular and transformable furniture. Garden furniture are made of resistant materials to withstand the weather, such as treated wood, galvanized metal, reinforced plastic, and water resistant textiles.

All products in the Baxter outdoor collection were inspired by different cultures and faraway landscapes, like the Himba sun cots and chairs designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, who took inspiration from Brazilian design but blends with the rest of the environment. The materials and finishes were all created to resist outdoors in any type of weather. However, nothing prevents customers from using these pieces inside their homes to add a touch of personality and style to any room.

With the Nairobi table collection, Roberto Lazzeroni pays a tribute to African art: these pieces are made of camel coloured oil-finished iroko wood with informal but monumental lines. This versatile solution is perfect for inside use, mainly during winter.

The Baxter Dharma line, on the other hand, was designed to distance itself from the idea of outdoor furniture. It is made with materials that look natural. This collection includes chairs, a table and sun cots. Inspired by the 1970s, it can be the perfect choice for any veranda or poolside lounge area, and it also looks keen in living rooms and bedrooms. Geometric forms and bright coloured glossy finishes are the hallmarks of this eye-catching collection.

Baxter outdoor furniture are the ideal solution for people seeking furnishings with a strong personality and exclusive design that demonstrates the high quality of the raw materials while attesting to the company’s careful research. In the Outdoor collection by Baxter, we see tradition meet the present in a range of elements with warm textures and precious colours.

We look forward to seeing you at the unique Baxter Outdoor Gallery in Milan, where you can see the entire collection of outdoor furniture in an exotic and exclusive location.

Baxter Outdoor Gallery


The first space for Baxter in Milan that is entirely focused on outdoor furnishings is the Baxter Outdoor Gallery. It is located in Via Turati 2, in the heart of the city. The brand’s and Bredaquaranta’s intent is to create an actual exotic garden inside the showroom. It will be a refreshing space with a strong naturalistic component, where visitors can touch and try out the Baxter Outdoor collection.

The Baxter Outdoor showroom in Milano was designed to combine Baxter furniture from the collection with authentic pieces from all over the world, such as Mauritanian mats, African masks, and Ethiopian amphorae. Customers entering this store in downtown Milan are captivated by its layout and find themselves immersed in a tropical atmosphere where they can fully enjoy the beauty of the Baxter furniture.

The two showroom floors of the Baxter Outdoor Gallery in Milan are oases featuring outdoor furniture from the collection. To enjoy the experience to the fullest, make an appointment at the Baxter store in Milan. Our designers and architects will be happy to show you the collection, and help you choose the right garden furniture for your needs.

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